Ionic Electric Hairbrush

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Do you hate when your hair is frizzy, static, and ruffle?

Your hair is composed of both positive and negative ions. Everyday routines, such as towel drying your hair, cause an imbalance within your hair's composition.
Too many positive ions cause frizz and static, making it harder to style your hair. With just one button, our ionic hairbrush is turned on and the built-in ion technology immediately begins to emit negative ions into the hair being brushed. This helps to restore healthy-looking, silky smooth hair - effortlessly.

  • Smoothes split ends
  • Makes hair softer and shinier
  • Minimises heat damage
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Portable with an ergonomic design

ROUND TIP AND CUSHION BRUSH:   The rounded tip prevents scalp damage and the cushion brush allows the brush to follow the shape of the head.

VIBRATION AND MASSAGE:   When the vibration switch is open, the comb will vibrate massaging and releasing negative ions at the same time, combing the hair while promoting blood circulation to your scalp to make you comfortable and healthy. your hair.

Ionic Electric Hairbrush

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