Floating Pet Fur Catcher

Tired of finding pet hair and lint stuck to your freshly washed clothes ?

Now you can collect and remove even the finest pet hair, dirt or residue from your laundry effortlessly

Major Hair Removal With Little Extra Effort – Just add washing powder to the floating flower filters, stick them in the washing machine after loading your laundry, and let the power of foam do the rest. After the load is complete, take the flower filter out and clean it. You’re done!

- Reusable – After the flower filter has been cleaned of lint and fur, you can use it again and again. It is recommended to use 2-3 Floating Flower Dog Hair Removers per load for a high-capacity washer.

- Perfect For Fuzzy Pet Lovers – The only negative to having a fuzzy pet is the hair, hair everywhere.

- Reduce this and find out how it’s possible to love your pet EVEN MORE.

- Cute Flower Design color pink