Pants Edge Shortening Iron On Self-Adhesive Tape

Make shortening your pants edges convenient and time-saving!

This Iron On Self-Adhesive Tape replaces the traditional stitching of trousers.
Shorten all your pants effortlessly with this iron-on adhesive for easy and permanent hemming of garments and home décor without any sewing – it’s that easy!










No-sew: simply iron the hem together, creates a clean hem in seconds!
Material: M5 adhesive strip for more stable bonding

Strong viscosity: not easy to shrink, no longer need to find tailors and spending money on long pants!
Convenient Hemming Helper – this tape will hem with great elasticity and can be curved to fit the shape of clothing with no seam lines.

Wide Application – Suitable for trouser legs, cuffs, hemming or mending clothing tears, frayed holes… Use this tape for pants, jeans bottoms, curtains, and so much more!
Easy to Clean – machine washable and dry cleanable, so you don’t have to deal with annoying residues or unsightly glue marks.


Weight: 17g
Size: 10 x 5 x 2 cm
Material: M5 Tape